We are IELTS Registration Center for British Council. We provide IELTS (Online) – TOEFL – PTE coaching in a very methodical and practice intensive manner using the best course materials, Computer Aided training & self practice sessions and frequent Mock Tests conducted under examination conditions with British Council – ETS – PTE trained and certified highly experienced Trainers. Our students have been consistently scoring very well in these examinations. We are arguably a top ranked institute in Jaipur for providing end-to-end need based solutions from English learning to IELTS preparation onto admissions into reputable Foreign Universities and Visa assistance as per your individual requirements.

Presently we are offering Online IELTS training. Our Classroom based Offline IELTS training shall resume from 1st April.


Answer: It is essentially your choice and what is required for your purposes. Some of the key differences are:

1. IELTS is the most widely written and accepted English test around the world;

2. TOEFL and PTE are available only as Computer Based tests whereas IELTS is available as "Pen and Paper" as well as Computer Based;

3. Contrary to perceptions, all the 3 tests have similar difficulty levels, no test is any easier than the other;

Scores Comparison Chart
5.035 - 4535 - 42
5.546 - 5943 - 49
6.060 - 7850 - 57
6.579 - 9358 - 64
7.094 - 10165 - 72
7.5102 - 10973 - 78
8.0110 - 11479 - 82
8.5115 - 11983 - 86
9.012087 - 90
Answer: You should first have a certain level of knowledge of English before you write any of these examinations, else you might end up wasting your money and time on writing the exam as these examinations require reasonably good knowledge of and command over the English language, which is exactly what they are testing and certifying as well. There is no way you can "Memorize" anything by a "Kunji" or "Pass Book" or "One Week Series Crash Course" and pass these examinations, as people generally do in some Indian examinations!
Answer: The difficulty level is exactly the same, whether you write it with British Council or IDP, or whether you write the test in Punjab, Jaipur or Timbuktu. Nobody can guarantee your scores and it's clear that you are being misled and somebody is engaging in "Marketing Gimmicks"

Partial List of IELTS Scores Score
Dr Pulkit ChandraPic Dr Pulkit Chandra 8.08.0
Nipun BeniwalPic Dr Pulkit Chandra 8.08.0
Deep Kamal BhatiaIELTS Deep Kamal Bhatia7.5
Chirag MaheshwariChirag Maheshwari7.5
Dr. Pulkit ChandraIELTS Dr Pulkit Chandra7.5
Bhavika GulatiBhavika IELTS 7.57.5
Harshit KumarIELTS Harshit Kumar7.5
Tini Chawla RanaTini Chawla Rana7.5
Simran MalhotraIELTS Simran Malhotra7.5
Kamal SharmaKamal Sharma IELTS7.5
Ancy DavidAncy David7.5
Puneet BiltiwalaPunit Biltiwala IELTS 8.08.0
Dr. Swati Joshi AsopaSwati Joshi-IELTS 7.57.5
Shipra KatariaShipra Kataria7.5
Pradeep ShekhawatPradeep Shekhawat-IELTS 7.57.5
Shreya GoyalShreya Goyal IELTS8.0
Kritika ModgilKritika Modgil8.0
Shrikant LataShrikant Lata7.5
Aqueel KhanAqueel Khan IELTS8.0
Komal YadavKomal Yadav-IELTS8.0
Tejveer Singh7.5
Anant NaveenAnant Naveen PIC8.0
Satyen JethaniSatyen Jethani-PIC7.5
Tanya ShreeTanya Shree-IELTS7.5
Tanaya Vyastanaya-vyas-IELTS7.5
Aishani GoyalAishani - IELTS7.5
Devvrath Singhdevvrath-singh-ielts8.5
Gaurav Sharmagaurav-sharma7.5
Radhika Satijaradhikasatija-IELTS7.5
Dinesh MishraDinesh Mishra-IELTS8.0
Aakriti JainAakriti Jain-IELTS 7.57.5
Simranjeet Singh SidhuSimranjeet Singh-IELTS7.5
Nargis JahanNargis-IELTS7.5
Abhimanyu Roy7.5
Aditya Sharma7.5
Akshat AgarwalAkshat Agrawal-88.0
Mohammed Sahilmohd-sahil8.0
Amarpreet Kaur7.5
Antara Pabuwal7.5
Anushree SharmaAnushree Sharma7.5
Archa DadhichArcha Dadhich8.0
Arpit KallaArpit Kalla7.5
Atul Bisht8.0
Bharti DulaniBharti Dulani7.5
Bhavdeep BadeshaBhavdeep Badesha8.0
Dhruv Manak BohraDhruv Manak Bohra7.5
Diksha ThaparDiksha Thapar7.5
Garima AroraGarima Arora8.0
Gourav DhobalGaurav Dhobal7.5
Ishant AggarwalIshant Aggarwal8.0
Ishita SharmaIshita Sharma7.5
Jasjeet SinghJasjeet Singh7.5
Jasneet SoniJasneet Soni7.5
Jitendra Singh7.5
Kanika KhandelwalKanika Khandelwal7.5
Kartik AdlakhaKartik Adlakha8.0
Kushal Nagar7.5
Lakshya Pabuwal7.5
Mandeep Singh Sidhu7.5
Maneesha SaksenaManeesha Saksena7.5
Manish AgarwalManish Agarwal8.0
Mehak Bumb7.5
Navraj Rayal8.0
Neelima Sharma7.5
Neeti Charan8.0
Neha Gautam7.5
Nidhi Mathur7.5
Nishan Singh GillNIshan Singh Gill8.5
Nitin Arya7.5
Piyush Dhingra7.5
Prachi Gaur8.0
Pradeep VashishthaPradeep Vashishtha7.5
Preeti Sogani7.5
Priyanka Jain7.5
Rahat Agrawal7.5
Rajvinder Kaur8.0
Rakhee SharmaRakhee Sharma7.5
Ramandeep Singh GujralRamandeep Singh Gujral7.5
Richa Sharma7.5
Ridhima JohriRidhima Johri8.0
Ruchi Soni7.5
Sakshi GaurSakshi Gaur8.0
Sakshi Kohli7.5
Samir Nijhawan7.5
Sanjay Gupta7.5
Sankalp KayathSankalp Kayath7.5
Santosh Joseph8.0
Sarthak JonejaSarthak Joneja7.5
Shailja Kapoor8.0
Shalvi BinjooShalvi Binjoo7.5
Shatakshi SharmaShatakshi Sharma8.0
Sherin WinstentSherin Winstent8.0
Sherry SahniSherry Sahni7.5
Shilpum SharmaShilpum Sharma7.5
Sikand KhetanSikand Khetan7.5
Sonal Rathi7.5
Sophia Mathew8.0
Swetu Sharma7.5
Vedant TulsyanVedant Tulsyan7.5
Vijay ChoudharyVijay Choudhary7.5
Vipul Shah7.5
Vishal Parasrampuria8.0
Shreyansh Jhalani7.5
VK ParasharVK Parashar7.5

TOEFL - PTE - Partial List  
Amit BansalAmit BansalTOEFL 96
Archa DadhichArcha DadhichTOEFL 102
Arpit SharmaTOEFL 104
Bhupendra Singh RajawatBhupendra SinghTOEFL 107
Harsh PareekHarsh PareekTOEFL 97
Sakshi SharmaTOEFL 91
Shrey KakkarShrey KakkarTOEFL 112
Shruti AcharyaShruti AcharyaTOEFL 90
Suyash SharmaTOEFL 101
Swatantra JainSwatantra JainTOEFL 80
Tushar Mahrishitushar-maharshiTOEFL 108
Vaibhav RamrakhaniVaibhav RamrakhaniTOEFL 106
Baryalai NooriBaryalai Noori-TOEFLTOEFL 90
Neeta SaxenaNeeta Saxena-PTEPTE 66
Prashant MehtaPTE 66
Gagandeep SinghGagandeep Singh-50PTE 68
Pradeep VashishthaPradeep Vashishtha PTEPTE 76
Akshat AgrawalAkshat Agrawal-8PTE 78

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Garima Bishnoi

I am more than happy to thank and appreciate the guidance received from Mr Ravi Goenka sir due to which I have successfully bagged the MBA admission with One Year Internship in the UK with Scholarship and also the UK Visa. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced Counsellor and Consultant who follows a very Practical and Ethical approach which helps students to understand and make a better decision while selecting the course and finalising the University. His Personalized Counselling and Support is highly appreciated. During the admission process, he also ensured that I put the effort in researching the course details, making a list about the Universities offering the course, the eligibility criteria as well as the rankings. This has resulted in enhancing my thinking capacity and making a wise decision towards the course and University selection

Tanishka Jain

I am highly thankful to Goenka sir who selflessly helped me at every stage of my admission procedure from selecting the perfect university in UK to applying for visa and facing all the complications. Due to his tireless efforts he even helped me in achieving Full SCHOLARSHIP. His valuable advice helped me throughout. Not only this he prepared me and my family mentally and emotionally for this big change by believing in me

Bharat Dhanopia

I really had a wonderful experience with Mr Ravi Goenka. He helped me with all my applications for the Undergraduate studies in Australia and for the Visa application in very little time. He made the complicated task of admission and visa so very easy. He is very selfless, compassionate and benevolent person. I thank him for giving a hand in all these work, which could not have been possible without his help. Pls click to view my Video: Bharat Dhanopia Testimonial

Raghav Singh

I wrote my exam on 12th of May 2018 and cleared IELTS in the first attempt for Canada. I would like to express my heartiest gratitude towards Shyam Sir who really works hard on every student and Sir Ravi Goenka who with his experienced guidance ensures that every student get success. Thanks a lot Goenka Institute for making my dream of studying abroad come true

Kritika Modgil

8.0 bands in IELTS and I am so sure it would have never been possible without the guidance and efforts put in by Shyam Sir. I can never thank him enough for the tremendous amount of efforts he has put in - from class lectures, to his preparation notes, and class tests everything literally worked. Also, thank you sir for making me feel motivated even an hour before the exam and for always being there. Everyone in the academy from Ravi Goenka Sir to the counsellor and all the other teachers there who conduct speaking tests are fabulous and you always get an honest feedback about your skills here. Personally, this academy and everyone who is a part of it are the reason why success looks so beautiful today! Thank you. May you all rise and shine, always!

Rahul Harsh

I am in Canada today because of the immense support I have received from Goenka Academy. Goenka Academy trained me well to pass IELTS exams, and also got me admitted in Canadian college and arranged visa for me. All the teachers here have a very precise and deep knowledge of the topics that they teach with excellent communication skills and to put a cherry on top, they all have a very friendly nature with students and are very good listeners too; not only they teach us just to make sure we speak english but also to polish our personalities and try to make us as confident as we could. Honestly, i feel very happy to be there and attend classes whether it is for IELTS or any other Discussion Sessions, i thoroughly enjoy each moment as the classes are very interactive, and there are a lot of healthy discussions, i must say the decorum of the classes are very nice. Shyam Sir helped me a lot with IELTS (may 2017) i truly feel that i would not even had the courage to sit in exams, let alone giving the test to secure good marks if Shyam sir had not made me do it, not only he helped me with IELTS but also boosted my morale and fortunately enough i achieved a decent score in the test. He is a well experienced person. He had taught IELTS to my Dad in 2008 and then in 2012 my Sister was taught by him and now I got the chance to be enlightened by him. Ravi Sir, How could I possibly be here, where i am without you ?? I learned many things, i had a real nice experience at your academy .... I do not really think that would have achieved without your proper guidance. I want to say frankly, that I have never seen such Professionalism and ethicality at any job, that you have. The way you manage your students is truly mesmerising. I sincerely want to thank you for the Counseling sessions, they helped me in many ways, in my personal life too.... You helped me get my Canada VISA, what more can somebody do for someone. You got my admitted to the classes which were wonderful. Thank You Goenka Academy

Abhijeet Bhatnagar

I prepared for IELTS with Goenka Academy, then Goenka Sir counselled me and got me admission and visa for Coventry University in UK. I am grateful to him for his excellent support

Jaswant Singh Rajawat

Being a part of this academy since 2010 its like second home for me. I dont know what magnetism or aura this campus maintains but really no matter how bad your day has been, you just attend the class and by the time you leave the place its like all a fresh start. Enjoying company of erudite personalities, expert, experienced & dedicated trainers, its learning with fun. Goenka Sir's qualitatively quantified inputs have proved a great asset for me in clearing IAF, HCL and Skywaltz campus interviews and GDs. I warm heartedly pay my sincere gratitude to Goenka Sir and quality trainers for moulding candidates personality as per professional dynamics helping them to get their dreams materialized

Radhakishan Meghwanshi

I am a Systems Administrator with Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur. English is the most important language these days. I took English course from Goenka Academy. It had good sized classrooms and a nice computer lab. I felt my English had improved a lot and I was more confident of myself. The teachers are expert and friendly.

Kartik Adlakha

IELTS coaching at Goenka Academy really helped me out not only in scoring well in IELTS test but also it has enhanced my thought process and fluency in English language which boosted my self confidence and communication skills to an excellent level
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