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Goenka Academy Jaipur has designed and developed the best Spoken English Course and Personality Development classes for professionals such as CAs, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Lecturers, Businessmen, Government Servants etc and professional students such as B.Tech., MBA & CA students. Our Personality Development training and English speaking coaching include authentic contents from BBC.co.uk and follow a highly innovative & effective methodology for enhancing English communication skills, confidence & personality that give you a winning edge during Group Discussions & Personal Interviews.

Goenka Institute Jaipur is proud of our excellent reputation built over 14 years of student-focussed approach and arguably boasts of being the top English Academy with the tag of the “best English institute in Jaipur” for English speaking courses and Personality Development classes.

Top 11 Exclusive Salient Features:

1) We have different courses for different levels of English. After careful assessment of a person`s current level of English, the most appropriate course is assigned to the learner;

The levels of English in layman’s terms may be broadly defined as:

a) Beginner Level
b) Elementary Level
c) Intermediate Level
d) Advance Level

We offer Intermediate and Advance level courses. We do not offer the Beginner and Elementary level courses.

2) Each English speaking and Personality Development course has a different fee structure & course curriculum, which will be automatically told to the learner during the counselling process;

3) Counselling is free of cost and the whole process including level assessment takes about 15 – 20 minutes;

4) The batch strength is below 20 participants, all of the same level of English and also similar profiles, so as to create homogeneous batches;

5) Course contents include relevant Grammar, Contextual Vocabulary, Pronunciation & Phonetics, MTI Removal, Voice & Accents, Intonation & Modulation, Pace of Speech, Fluency enhancement, Confidence & Personality Development, Non-Verbal communication skills & Body Language training etc;

6) Group Discussions training is an integral part of the course;

7) A blended & innovative training methodology is followed which includes theory classes and activities such as Role Plays, Presentations, Free Speech, Public Speaking etc using computer aided “Smart Classroom” techniques and Projectors;

8) Regular student assessments and feedback to students are very important elements in our training process;

9) We have a very good and well-stocked English Library for our students where they can borrow & read a variety of English books for free. The objective of providing this facility is to develop good English reading habits amongst our students;

10) Training is imparted by highly trained & skilled Trainers in an excellent English learning environment;

11) There are several batch options for you as per your convenience. Batches start @ 8:00 am. The last batch of the day ends @ 8:00 pm.

So come and Polish your English and Personality with us!

Q&A: English & PD

Answer: Nothing is impossible, but it is highly unlikely and improbable that anyone can learn any language in a matter of hours. It takes months, years to learn any language properly. The course of English should only be taken as the starting point of your journey of learning English, not the end of your journey. The real journey of learning a language never ends actually.
Answer: Try this simple trick. Keep Rs 10 stamp paper with you and whenever anybody gives you any such "guarantee", ask him to write it down on the stamp paper & sign it. Ensure that there is no *Conditions Apply in fine prints.
Answer: English is one language, just as Hindi is. There are several variants of the language with minor differences in pronunciations (called "Accent"), grammar, vocabulary, expressions etc. However the core of the language remains the same in all its variations. One should therefore learn "Global Neutral" Accent and pure and simple English in terms of correct grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Trying to impress others by using artificial and fake accents is a bad idea which invariably paints the person in poor light in front of others.
Answer: The words you have mentioned above are actually "Slang" words or informal words that one uses in internet chatting, or with friends. One should avoid using such words in formal English communications of any kind.
Answer: Okay, let me ask you a counter question. Suppose a foreigner came to you and requested you to teach him Hindi. Are you going to ask him – "Well, should I teach you written Hindi, or spoken Hindi, or formal Hindi, or informal Hindi, or Bihari Hindi, or Rajasthani Hindi, or Mumbai ki Hindi" and so on. How many different kinds of "Hindi's" are there? HINDI is one language, and so is English. So do not let anybody take you for a ride. Just ask your English trainer or institute to teach you good, pure and correct English and then the same English is good for you in all situations. If you speak good English, only then you'll be able to write good English. What you speak is what you write, as the "Idea Formation" or "Thought Formation" is the same!
Answer: Memorizing words from the dictionary is no solution to your needs. Language cannot be learnt by memorizing anything, neither vocabulary, nor grammar. Instead, you need to develop good reading habits which will give you "Contextual" vocabulary, even without having to refer to dictionaries.
Answer: The ideal batch size is not more than 25 learners in any class. This figure has been arrived at by international educational experts and is termed as "Student-Teacher Ratio", i.e. how many students can a teacher effectively teach in a class.
Answer: It is very important to have homogeneous or same level batches, both in terms of level of English and also in terms of age and profile. If a learner sits in a batch where other people in that batch are of his level of English and also age and profile, the teacher will be able to teach better, the learner's hesitation level will go down and everybody will learn better. As an example, is it a good idea in school to get a 7th class student to sit in 12th class, or vice-versa? The needs, requirements and problems of the 7th class student are different from those of the 12th class student, which need to be handled separately! So, the course contents and teaching methodologies would be different for different levels of learners.
Answer: You cannot "Learn" GDs or PIs. What you want to really ask is how I can do better in competitive GDs and PIs. Well, first and foremost, your command over English needs to be improved and you need to be able to communicate better in English, only then can you do better in GDs & PIs. So the proper question should be "How can I learn and improve my English communication skills so that I am able to do better in GDs & PIs". In "Personal Interviews", you also have one more element - Q&A preparation, which can only be effectively accomplished if you can express yourself well in English.
Answer: Attending a "Demo / Trial" class is not the solution to your problem. In fact, more often than not, the conclusion that you would come to after attending such a class might be wrong. If you want to be absolutely sure about taking the right decision about joining a particular English speaking course, then stand in the parking of the institute and ask the institute's present students who have already attended about 3-4 weeks of the classes continuously, about the efficacy of the course at that institute. And you must ask as many students as you possibly can, the more the better. This is the only real and time tested method of finding out the truth behind the facade.
Answer: Please understand, speaking fast is NOT equal to being fluent. This is a complete misconception. Fluency may be described as "Speaking with natural ease and confidence in an easy flow with correct pronunciation, intonation and modulation with correct syntax and sentence structure, using simple contextual words, to express whatever you want to say clearly and effectively". You should never try to "impress" others or shall I say "fool" others by trying to speak fast. Moderate your rate of speech, or pace of speech so that there is a better connect between your brain and your tongue and others are able to understand you well.

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Garima Bishnoi

I am more than happy to thank and appreciate the guidance received from Mr Ravi Goenka sir due to which I have successfully bagged the MBA admission with One Year Internship in the UK with Scholarship and also the UK Visa. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced Counsellor and Consultant who follows a very Practical and Ethical approach which helps students to understand and make a better decision while selecting the course and finalising the University. His Personalized Counselling and Support is highly appreciated. During the admission process, he also ensured that I put the effort in researching the course details, making a list about the Universities offering the course, the eligibility criteria as well as the rankings. This has resulted in enhancing my thinking capacity and making a wise decision towards the course and University selection

Tanishka Jain

I am highly thankful to Goenka sir who selflessly helped me at every stage of my admission procedure from selecting the perfect university in UK to applying for visa and facing all the complications. Due to his tireless efforts he even helped me in achieving Full SCHOLARSHIP. His valuable advice helped me throughout. Not only this he prepared me and my family mentally and emotionally for this big change by believing in me

Bharat Dhanopia

I really had a wonderful experience with Mr Ravi Goenka. He helped me with all my applications for the Undergraduate studies in Australia and for the Visa application in very little time. He made the complicated task of admission and visa so very easy. He is very selfless, compassionate and benevolent person. I thank him for giving a hand in all these work, which could not have been possible without his help. Pls click to view my Video: Bharat Dhanopia Testimonial

Raghav Singh

I wrote my exam on 12th of May 2018 and cleared IELTS in the first attempt for Canada. I would like to express my heartiest gratitude towards Shyam Sir who really works hard on every student and Sir Ravi Goenka who with his experienced guidance ensures that every student get success. Thanks a lot Goenka Institute for making my dream of studying abroad come true

Kritika Modgil

8.0 bands in IELTS and I am so sure it would have never been possible without the guidance and efforts put in by Shyam Sir. I can never thank him enough for the tremendous amount of efforts he has put in - from class lectures, to his preparation notes, and class tests everything literally worked. Also, thank you sir for making me feel motivated even an hour before the exam and for always being there. Everyone in the academy from Ravi Goenka Sir to the counsellor and all the other teachers there who conduct speaking tests are fabulous and you always get an honest feedback about your skills here. Personally, this academy and everyone who is a part of it are the reason why success looks so beautiful today! Thank you. May you all rise and shine, always!

Rahul Harsh

I am in Canada today because of the immense support I have received from Goenka Academy. Goenka Academy trained me well to pass IELTS exams, and also got me admitted in Canadian college and arranged visa for me. All the teachers here have a very precise and deep knowledge of the topics that they teach with excellent communication skills and to put a cherry on top, they all have a very friendly nature with students and are very good listeners too; not only they teach us just to make sure we speak english but also to polish our personalities and try to make us as confident as we could. Honestly, i feel very happy to be there and attend classes whether it is for IELTS or any other Discussion Sessions, i thoroughly enjoy each moment as the classes are very interactive, and there are a lot of healthy discussions, i must say the decorum of the classes are very nice. Shyam Sir helped me a lot with IELTS (may 2017) i truly feel that i would not even had the courage to sit in exams, let alone giving the test to secure good marks if Shyam sir had not made me do it, not only he helped me with IELTS but also boosted my morale and fortunately enough i achieved a decent score in the test. He is a well experienced person. He had taught IELTS to my Dad in 2008 and then in 2012 my Sister was taught by him and now I got the chance to be enlightened by him. Ravi Sir, How could I possibly be here, where i am without you ?? I learned many things, i had a real nice experience at your academy .... I do not really think that would have achieved without your proper guidance. I want to say frankly, that I have never seen such Professionalism and ethicality at any job, that you have. The way you manage your students is truly mesmerising. I sincerely want to thank you for the Counseling sessions, they helped me in many ways, in my personal life too.... You helped me get my Canada VISA, what more can somebody do for someone. You got my admitted to the classes which were wonderful. Thank You Goenka Academy

Abhijeet Bhatnagar

I prepared for IELTS with Goenka Academy, then Goenka Sir counselled me and got me admission and visa for Coventry University in UK. I am grateful to him for his excellent support

Jaswant Singh Rajawat

Being a part of this academy since 2010 its like second home for me. I dont know what magnetism or aura this campus maintains but really no matter how bad your day has been, you just attend the class and by the time you leave the place its like all a fresh start. Enjoying company of erudite personalities, expert, experienced & dedicated trainers, its learning with fun. Goenka Sir's qualitatively quantified inputs have proved a great asset for me in clearing IAF, HCL and Skywaltz campus interviews and GDs. I warm heartedly pay my sincere gratitude to Goenka Sir and quality trainers for moulding candidates personality as per professional dynamics helping them to get their dreams materialized

Radhakishan Meghwanshi

I am a Systems Administrator with Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur. English is the most important language these days. I took English course from Goenka Academy. It had good sized classrooms and a nice computer lab. I felt my English had improved a lot and I was more confident of myself. The teachers are expert and friendly.

Kartik Adlakha

IELTS coaching at Goenka Academy really helped me out not only in scoring well in IELTS test but also it has enhanced my thought process and fluency in English language which boosted my self confidence and communication skills to an excellent level
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